Metro Jar – Medium – Lavender Essential Oil Candle


Our natural Lavender Essential oil candle has so many health benefits!

One of the best,natural remedies for reducing stress, tension, and anxiety.

Burn for 2 hours prior to bedtime for a natural, calm nights sleep




This gorgeous essential oil candle has so many health benefits!

Our small essential oil Lavender candle is designed for your indoor living space.

Lavender Essential Oil has many benefits for your overall health and well being, including assisting with calming nerves, reducing anxiety, sleep preparation, insomnia, kills bacteria and viruses, improving sleep quality, depression, and overall general relaxation.

Safe and effective for children, cats and dogs.

– Approximately 30 hours burn time
– Premium soy wax candle made with 100% cotton wick
– Hand poured in New Zealand

Please note that all burn times are approximate and may vary with different conditions in your home.