What type of wax is used in Soul Candles?
We use 100% pure, completely natural, vegetable wax made from a renewable source and specifically formulated for candles. Our Soy Wax is not tested on any animals, and neither are our fragrances. Our wax contains NO GMO material, NO paraffin, NO unnatural additives and are non-toxic.
Why choose soy wax?
Our wax candles are made 100% pure soya beans, which are non-toxic and far better for the environment. Soy wax burns clean, with 95% less soot than paraffin candles and are also cooler at a temperature of only 45c (paraffin is a dangerous 63c). Soy wax candles also produce less smoke, less soot and are less toxic than normal candles. Another benefit is that the wax can be easily cleaned up with hot soapy water.
How do I care for my Soul Candles candle?
To maximise the life and improvement of your candle, create a memory for the first time you burn it by allowing the wax to melt until the entire surface is fluid (always try burn your candle to the edge, when you can). Burn your candle for at least 2 hours when lighting, but no longer than 4 hours. This will ensure your candle always burns ‘clean’ maximizing the burn time and life of your candle.
How do I store my Soul Candles candle?
Always remember to store your Soul Candles candle in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight.
How do I remove spilt soy wax?
Allow the wax to completely harden and then remove any larger pieces of wax where possible. Then remove the remaining soy wax with hot soapy water.
How much is postage/shipping?
Postage for orders is charged at a flat rate of $5.00 New Zealand-wide. For orders over $100.00, we offer free postage. Please be advised we can not deliver to PO Box address.
Do you ship internationally?
We definitely can! For all international orders, please email us at: megan@soulcandles.co.nz your details to so that we can quote you on delivery charges.
How long will it take for my order to arrive?
We aim to ship all orders within 5 working days of order. If for some reason there is a delay or if a product is temporarily out of stock, you will be notified by phone or email to discuss if you would like to continue with your order.
What is your return policy?
We want you to love your candles as much as we do! If for some reason you are not happy with the quality or there is a fault with your candle, please contact us at: megan@soulcandles.co.nz within 2 weeks of purchase to arrange a replacement of product or refund.
Do you offer wholesale?
We now offer wholesale purchases. If you feel Soul Candles would be a good match for your business, we would love to hear from you and discuss at:  megan@soulcandles.co.nz .