About Us

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We like beautiful things, made from the highest quality, natural ingredients, and that’s just what these candles are.

Our candles are blended with 100% natural soy wax. They contain NO GMO material, NO paraffin, NO unnatural additives, are non toxic.

Our fragrances do not contain any phthalates, paraffin or UV inhibitors and are not, and never will be tested on animals.

We are committed to sustainable business through sourcing products that are environmentally sound.

All our candles are made locally in New Zealand.  They are  hand poured, not mass-produced, so every care is taken on each individual candle.

We hope you love our candles as much as we do!

Looking after your candle…
To maximize the life and improve the performance of your candle, create a ‘memory’ the first time you burn it by allowing the wax to melt until the entire surface is fluid.